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The Moor to Sea Cycle Ride 2019

The Moor 2 Sea Sportive was set up by Just Events Limited in 2012 and has been successfully run on the first Saturday in September every year since. Unfortunately, due to circumstances outside of our control, we are unable to do this for 2019. So, we put our thinking caps on and came up with something a little bit different for you. We are offering you the opportunity to ride the Moor to Sea as a cycling challenge at a time and date that suits you.

Our standard three routes are all available; the extreme (113 miles), the Challenge (70 miles) or the Inspire (34 miles). We will supply you with route details that you can use on your bike computer or suitable mobile phone App. If you are not into technology we can supply you a route map with 'turn by turn' instructions. Once you have completed the route you simply send us your proof and we will send you your finishers awards.

The Moor to Sea KoM / QoM challenge is also available to anyone who uses STRAVA or RWGPS. Complete the Haytor Hill Segment within the designated time and you will also receive the Moor to Sea KoM / QoM award.

Key Info:

  • Discipline: Road Cycling
  • Distance: 113 miles | 70 miles | 34 miles
  • Event Date: Choose any day that suits you!
  • Location: Dartmoor & South Devon
  • Entry Limit: Unlimited
  • Age Limit: Parental Consent for under 16's
  • Start Venue: Haldon Forest Park


Entry Fees: 

  • Inspire Route: £15.00
  • Challenge Route: £20.00
  • Extreme Route: £20.00
  • M2C Cycle Jersey: £27.00

Includes all Booking Fees & Postage (UK only).

Group & Club discounts available on request



  • 3 Route Options
  • Route Maps
  • GPX / TCX Route files
  • Recommended Food Stops
  • KoM / QoM Challenge (Not on Inspire Rt.)
  • Gold, Silver & Bronze Medals
  • Age & Gender Categories
  • M2C Cycle Jersey
  • Secure Online Entry

How does it work?

  • Step 1: Using the Registration Link, sign up for the route you want to ride
  • Step 2: We will email you a Ride Briefing Document with all the info you need to complete the ride.
  • Step 3: At a date & time that suits you, ride your chosen route and record it using one of the approved methods
  • Step 4: Submit your proof of ride completion to us
  • Step 5: We will send you your finishers medal (Gold / Silver / Bronze) based on your ride time.

How to evidence your ride (Digital Records):

Many cyclists these days will already be recording their cycling activity electronically. This may be through a bike computer, mobile phone app or sports watch. All of these devices will create a record of your rides that can be viewed and shared. If you are already using a method to record your rides, simply send us your ride file (.fit .gpx .tcx); or send us a link to your ride data; or just send us a screen shot that shows us you have completed your chosen route. If you do electronically record your rides you can use your smartphone or digital camera to take a few photos to prove you compled the ride (we will tell you what you need to photograph).

Join our STRAVA or RWGPS Clubs:

Many of you will already be using online services such as STRAVA or RWGPS. These are free to use and make the task of sharing your rides really easy. If you have a smartphone you can download a free app from either of these companies and use this to record your ride. If you join our STRAVA or RWGPS club your ride will automatically be shared with us.

How to evidence your ride (Manual Records):

As an alternative to electronically recording your ride, there is the option to provide a manual record. We will supply you with a 'Ride Record Card'. This will contain a few questions relating to key locations around the route. You will need to stop at these locations and record your answers to these questions. This can add a little extra fun to your ride as it will be a little bit like a treasure hunt. 

Extreme route:

  • Distance: 113 miles (181 km)
  • Elevation: 9700 ft (3000 m)
  • Max Gradient: Widecombe 20%
  • KoM / QoM: Haytor @ 24 miles
  • Start Venue: Haldon Forest Park EX6 7XR
  • Age Limit: Parental Consent for under 16's
  • Entry Fee: £20.00


Challenge route:

  • Distance: 70 miles (113 km)
  • Elevation: 5700 ft (17500 m)
  • Max Gradient: Widecombe 20%
  • KoM / QoM: Haytor @ 24 miles
  • Start Venue: Haldon Forest Park EX6 7XR
  • Age Limit: Parental Consent for under 16's
  • Entry Fee: £20.00


Inspire route:

  • Distance: 34 miles (54 km)
  • Elevation: 2300 ft (700 m)
  • Max Gradient: Chudleigh 12%
  • Start Venue: Haldon Forest Park EX6 7XR
  • Age Limit: Parental Consent for under 16's
  • Entry Fee: £15.00



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